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Mangosteen patterned Belle Epoque Tote
September 16, 2008, 3:46 pm
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Mangosteen patterned Belle Epoque Tote

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I have so much of this mangosteen fabric. Just made me laugh when I saw it on the shelf. The craziness surrounding the commonality of mangosteens!
I altered the pattern a bit by not applying the bias tape and just sewing it closed. I love eyelets and grommets and used some brushed brass ones to put in for the ribbons and buttons.

The pattern is from


End rolls from the newspaper printer
September 14, 2008, 10:48 pm
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I am a proponent of end rolls. They are unprinted remnants of the huge rolls that our daily newspapers are printed on. I got a huge roll when we started packing up to move almost 2 years ago. I paid $4 for 2 inches. That is 2 inches of paper thickness from the tube to the outside. I use it for everything!

Perfect use for an end roll

Perfect use for an end roll

  1. Pack up items securely. No print tranfer.
  2. Drop cloth. Paint on it. Draw on it. What ever! Cheap as can be!
  3. Pattern drafting.
  4. You can use some for starting a fire since they are without ink.
  5. Kids drawing paper.
  6. Wrapping paper. Decorate it and then wrap it up!
  7. Put down over carpet for some light protection. Works well for wet cats and the hoard of shoes coming in from lawn mowing.
  8. What can you use it for?

Here is a sample of drawstring pants drafted onto the end roll. A little colored duct tape was needed to complete the crotch seam width.

Get you some at your local newspaper printer. They usually have tons and it is cheap, cheap, cheap! They are happy when you want it.

Fabric Boil
September 14, 2008, 12:24 pm
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I have been working on the pattern to make a fabric crawfish boil. I really love crawfish!!!

Fabric Crawfish Boil

Fabric Crawfish Boil

The pot is black-velvet upholstery with a crawfish print lining. The corn is still undergoing some alterations to really bring forth its “corn-ness.” The garlic is also still in prototyping. It needs symmetry and uniformity before it is ready for sale.

I am also working out the crawfish pattern. It is so hard to make something look like it supposed to in your head! I am also working on the patterns to make these as a nice booklet. I miss book layout. *sigh*

These are geared as a kids toy. They are stuffed creations that are just too cute not to squeeze.

Baby booties
September 8, 2008, 6:33 pm
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Baby booties

Visit my Flickr photos: Little Black Pot

I found this great tutorial at Maked, Crafts Exposed.

I used Michael Miller Andover fabrics Jitterbug for Cosmo Cricket for the brown and green ones. The white ones have a machine embroidered butterfly on the toes. Of the pairs, one shoe in each is showing both sides of the reversible shoes.

I took the pattern and modified it for different sizes. Now, Phoebe wants a pair and I am busy trying to create a pattern for her big feet. What can I say, she takes after her mom!

Templates and kids paper doll page
September 6, 2008, 2:05 pm
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I uploaded a couple of cool templates I made for evenly spaced items around a center point. Please check them out and let me know what you end up using them for!

Here is a fun little paper flurb for you. Phoebe played quietly with this and would color her own little designed paper swatches.

Cut out on a page the doll shape. I used my paper doll Paddle Punch to make the doll cut out in a small journal. I used Illustrator’s pre-loaded selection of swatches and printed them out. I put them in a little envelope glued to the journal page. To play, slide the swatches behind the doll cut out and view the outfit.

small print out to play with a doll shape cut out of paper

small print out to play with a doll shape cut out of paper

Tatted Oval
September 6, 2008, 1:10 am
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It has been so long since I have tatted, but there is so much about that craft that I truly love. Portability, creativity, challenge, THREAD! COLOR! I was pleasantly surprised to see the tenacity of Kersti at eTatters. She has put a lot over the years into keeping eTatters alive. Congratulations and many thanks!

Here is a tatted oval pattern I made. I have used it for little gifts, lectures, demonstrations, and classes. It has been a dormant file on my hard drive for some time.

This Little Black Pot Tatted Oval pattern is for your personal and educational use. Make ’em, give ’em, if you want you can sell ’em. That is cool. Not cool is to sell the pattern, instructions, or publish it again in any manner. Please contact me if you want to make me some money from it though! That is super cool!

LbP Tatted Oval

Greetings & Salutations!
September 6, 2008, 12:05 am
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I have been researching and creating and having a good time. It all has worn me down a bit, but it is the good kind of worn down.

Currently, I am creating some things to open an Etsy shop. I have my shop name-Little Black Pot. The research I have been doing surrounds the Etsy handmade-selling endeavor. I’ve been busy learning about marketing, social media/shopping/networks, forums, and blogs. Having been a designer for the web for almost 13 years, I have let the people aspect pass me right on by! I get the code, computer, hexadecimal color, et cetera, but it is time to wet my toes, be brave, and have a good time.

This blog will have my ideas, progress, patterns, and hopefully a tutorial or how-to or two!

Thank you for visiting! Please check out my Etsy shop.