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Wool dryer balls
June 19, 2009, 2:55 pm
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Collection in my dryer

Collection in my dryer

The 2 green ones and 2 pinks ones are my successes. The other one was a pain in my hand! I tried to use a carpet needle and sew wool yarn around a tennis ball. Ha! What a joke!

I found this tutorial on Good Mama. It was a start, but I didn’t like how the center was yarn. I have tons of scrap fabric and since I am on my big kick about using up everything, I figured I would use it for the center.

So, I wadded up a handful of scrap fabric and then wrapped 100% wool yarn from the Michael’s clearance section around it until I got the size I wanted. Washed in hot, dryed in the dryer. I gave my felting needles a whirl to decorate my balls. That was fun!

The pink ones were another adventure as I wanted a way to incorporate essential oil into my ball. Putting the oil on the outside put some oiliness to my clothes and that is no good. I asked my doctor for an ear-lookey-insidey-thingy and she kindly obliged. I wrapped the wool around it and then felted it with it in tact.

The center ball has a slit in the center. The hole isn’t huge, but it is big enough to put the ear-funnel thing in to put in more essential oil or other smell good into the ball.

These turned out fantastic! I absolutely love that I used up all my fabric stuff, including the bits left over on the serger. One ball of yarn made 4 of these.


Fabric dollhouses
October 6, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Fabric dollhouses

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These little dollhouses are so danged cute! After a couple of weeks of dolls and dogs made from thread and pipe cleaners, they all needed a home.
The next one I make, I am going to not use plastic canvas and see if some stiff insert like TimTex will do the trick and make is so I can just bias bind the edges.

Mangosteen patterned Belle Epoque Tote
September 16, 2008, 3:46 pm
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Mangosteen patterned Belle Epoque Tote

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I have so much of this mangosteen fabric. Just made me laugh when I saw it on the shelf. The craziness surrounding the commonality of mangosteens!
I altered the pattern a bit by not applying the bias tape and just sewing it closed. I love eyelets and grommets and used some brushed brass ones to put in for the ribbons and buttons.

The pattern is from