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Baby leg warmers
February 9, 2009, 5:47 pm
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The long time between posts is due to baby arrivals and another blog. This area is great for my craft tutorials and patterns. To get myself current, here is a tutorial for making a pair of warmers for the baby.

Items you will need:

wide elastic (You don’t want it too thin as it might really cut into those precious little baby legs. I used 5/8″ braided and it works.)
toe socks (These have no heel section, they are a straight tube)
sewing skills (You could hand sew these, that is why I put skills and not machine. Heck, even if you don’t have skills, you could hack at this and still get it right!)
scissors (Again, not actually something you need. If you are hungry, don’t value your teeth, and don’t have them, feel free to gnaw at ’em)
willingness to make it through one pair

Cut off the toes. Notice the sad little piggy. 😦

Seal the ends with a serger or zig zag stitch. Pictured here, I am serging, but found the zig zag to produce a better finished edge due to the stretch.
Measure around the fattest part of your baby’s thigh (for us it was 8-1/2 inches). Cut a length of elastic measuring 1 inch more than your measurement. Sew that length into a loop, overlapping each end 1/2 inch. Lay this over the end you previously sealed, fold over the elastic toward the inside of the sock, and pin. The fold should extend past the edge of the elastic by at leat 3/8″. Using a stretch stitch (zig zag, triple zig zag, long length straight stitch), sew the folded edge down ensuring you don’t catch the elastic. You might have to stretch the sock or elastic a bit to make it fit properly. If it gets wonky, don’t worry as the sweater-esque fabric will hide it. The picture shows the pinned in elastic ready to be sewn on the machine.
Repeat process for other sock.

These can be worn with the original band or the newly created band on the thigh. It offers a bit change. Here is another pair I made but held off on the elastic. They need elastic if that end is going on the thigh, but these are the same pattern either way you put them on.