Little Black Pot

Fabric Boil
September 14, 2008, 12:24 pm
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I have been working on the pattern to make a fabric crawfish boil. I really love crawfish!!!

Fabric Crawfish Boil

Fabric Crawfish Boil

The pot is black-velvet upholstery with a crawfish print lining. The corn is still undergoing some alterations to really bring forth its “corn-ness.” The garlic is also still in prototyping. It needs symmetry and uniformity before it is ready for sale.

I am also working out the crawfish pattern. It is so hard to make something look like it supposed to in your head! I am also working on the patterns to make these as a nice booklet. I miss book layout. *sigh*

These are geared as a kids toy. They are stuffed creations that are just too cute not to squeeze.