Little Black Pot


LITTLE BLACK POT is analogous to a-book-and-its-cover. What we do should reflect our essence. (Remember: Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. -Derek) Oh, excuse me, I got too serious there for a moment!

SO, WHAT’S THE STORY? We received a little black pot from my mom-in-law as a moving gift so we could take with us the culinary memories of home through the deliciousness of courtbullion (funny as it is, pronounced coo-vee-on). During her visit, while we cooked and reminisced, I commented how much I enjoyed my family and that they took me for who I am-that the importance of the little black pot outweighed that of the little black dress. Worldliness was not the name of the game. Rather, who I was.

NOT A MELTING POT: Things get grayed out when melted together and lose their individual luster. Rather, the pot is where all is what it intends to be-delighted to share the space with its neighbor, being it’s own, and heightened because it is in the pot. Courtbullion has the fish, tomato, onion, etc. It isn’t food processed together! Great thing about making it is that you don’t stir it. Instead, you pick up the handle of the little black pot and, ever so lovingly, rotate it. The layers made with each ingredient infuse the whole while retaining its own character. Mmmm. For someone who isn’t a fish eater, that is just some good eats! (Love that Alton.)

POT vs DRESS: Since the notion of pot vs dress occurred, I find more analogies to my little black pot, especially surrounding my creativity and outlook on life. I have viewed other’s arts and crafts and feel trepidation. Instead of diving in to my ideas, I get bogged down with what I could have thought up, could have done, could have accomplished. Concentration goes to the view rather than the value I put in. Or, I am focusing on the dress instead of the pot.

SO, REALLY, WHAT’S THE STORY? This blog is about creativity, handmade thoughts, ideas-both new and renovated, life, and the pursuit of happiness.


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